Dear Clients,

The Loc’mat43 family company has been drawn for more than 15 years to everything that requires the best in maintenance and lifting materials, particularly the machines known as 'rotos', i.e., the famous 'rotating' telescopic forklifts, work tools that are unparalleled in terms of multipurpose deployment and speed and which are fitted with remote controls to ensure real gains in time and productivity.

We have absolutely no doubt that this vocation must be shored up by a commitment to technical training, a thorough internal process in each order that is custom-designed and available to all.

That's why Loc’mat43 bases its experience on a team of people who every day accept the challenge of contributing greater-quality service to stand by you in your day-to-day work.

Staying true to this vision, we target our internal policy towards our forklifts and strive to be true experts in lifting from 5 to 30M.

Today, it is a pleasure for us first of all to suggest a wide range of machinery, forklifts, platforms and telehandlers in the rotating ranges (MRT series, Merlo Roto) from 13 to 30M, as well as platforms (8-28M) in constant renewal.

We believe that quality, know-how and the right price are the secret to the complete satisfaction of our valued customers.

Thank you for placing your trust in us.

But don't forget: “The mistake… is not to choose us”